Who are the Material Girls? DKnJ

Just a few of my stitching friends who enjoy hand embroidery, sewing, quilting -- anything fiber or textile related.

We decided we needed a name for our "gang" so we recently chose Material Girls. It's not entirely original, but it works for us. I've added the DKnJ lately . . . it's just a collection of our initials to distinguish us from other materialistas. :-)

We try to get together every month or two for a shopping excursion, lunch, or some other field trip. We have no set of rules, agenda or schedule, just whatever we decide we want to do. Our individual interests are varied just like our skill levels, and we just wanna have fun . . .

The "Material Girls" meet the "original"
Sue Hausmann
West Nyack, NY
July 2006

KayJay, GrammaJ, SewAmazin, Sue Hausmann
& sealed4ever

updated 7/20/2007 to add profile photo


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