What Am I Working On This Week? (3.6.2007)

I finished the Chelsea backpacks last week, and recovered from our Material Girls road trip to the Quiltfest, so now its back to business on the wedding favor bags.

This is a free-lance embroidery job for a bride-to-be in IL who purchased several of my Valentine gift bags on ebay last month. Her wedding theme is conversation hearts so these will be quite appropriate. They will be embroidered on white organza and crepe-backed satin (my ebay bags were done on red fabrics) and I'm planning to personalize a few of them with their names and wedding date (so I'll get to use my 3D software again -- woohoo!).

So far, I've cut out all the fabric pieces for 30 bags (plus a few extra, just in case I goof) and pre-finished the top hems of the first 10 with my serger using a 2-thread narrow overlock stitch. This gives them a nice finished edge without being too bulky. I thought doing them in lots of 10 at a time would help keep me on track for both quality and schedule. I've completed 4 bags so far -- I had planned to work on them again on Monday nite while I was watching "24" but we lost power in our neighborhood at 8:55pm until around 11pm so I wasn't able to do much of anything without electricity. It's a good thing I don't have to be finished with this job until April.

These bags are programmed to be done entirely in the hoop -- the embroidery is stitched on the front piece of fabric, and the last step of the program is to lay the back piece on top of the front, and the machine stitches the final seam. Neat, huh? I purchased the conversation heart drawstring bag embroidery design from Embroidery Library last month. Once the embroidery is finished, I've been using the serger to finish all the inside raw edges.

Another quickie project I have to finish before Thursday is for Rich -- he's going away for a golf weekend and asked me to stitch a wolf design on his new microfiber golf towel
. I've done a sample stitch out on heavy fabric, but I'm going to have to do a little research on how to stitch on microfiber . . . but it's an appliqué design, so how hard could it be? <G>

I also need to get back to my "homework" from my Pattern Alterations class -- I still haven't had time to transfer the adjustments from my muslin jacket and re-stitch to see if it fits. The last session of this series is on Saturday, and we're going to be fitting pants. Now that should be fun.

We had some home repairs this past week . . . a leak in the master bath shower caused us to first re-do the caulking, but that didn't work. Then, thanks to Rich's Dad we discovered the leak was in the wall, where the shower head attached to the inside pipe . . . he was able to find it while damaging only one tile. After replacing the necessary parts, he left us with instructions on how to replace the tile (which he prepared for us by chipping out a notch). So, Sunday afternoon we re-applied the tile with adhesive and Monday afternoon, I re-applied some grouting. Now I'm waiting for that to cure so we can start using that shower again. Hopefully, that will fix the leak . . .

I needed to catch up on my bills and paperwork and I think I'm finally ready to start our tax return . . . between sewing and creating my website, I've let some things slide during February. I still have to install TurboTax for 2006.

Once I get started, it should only take a day or so, but still, I'd rather be stitching . . . .


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