Opening Day and Planning the Garden (4.2.2007)

It's finally April, which means the Mets are back in action. Of course, we watched many of the Spring Training games (when they were televised). We even decided to buy tickets to the Sunday home games this year, so twice a month, we'll be headed down to Shea. We'd be watching them on TV anyway, so at least this will get us out of the house.

Sunday was no April Fool's joke for us Mets fans -- Rich & I were at Game 7 against the Cardinals with Debbie & Neil last October, and have been anxiously waiting for the new season to start. The opening day schedule provided the drama of picking up right where last season left off, but we were not disappointed this time. There were a few anxious moments, but our team prevailed, and is back in first place (at least for the moment).

I have a couple of sewing/embroidery projects I'd like to finish in time for our first Sunday game -- I purchased a bunch of orange hand towels at a clearance sale, and want to stitch something baseball-related on them. I could use some ideas . . . . They are perfect for drying off a wet seat . . . I also have a pattern for a small pocket-style purse for which I want to use my precious Mets fabric so that I don't have to go through the bag inspection line at the entrance, but still bring my ID, cash and phone. Maybe I'll have these finished in time for the second Sunday game . . .

April showers also remind me that it's time to start thinking about the vegetable garden. I have 3 raised beds that measure about 8'x4' each where I usually grow a variety of veggies. I haven't started my seedlings yet, so that's another item on my list of things to do this week, so they will be ready to transplant by mid-May. I need to start my tomatoes and peppers now. Definitely gonna have Big Mama (roma) and Sugar Snack (cherry) tomatoes, but I'm not sure what other variety I'll want, though I have some seeds left over from last year's BushSteaks. I'll do the green and red bell peppers again, as well as the False Alarm and Salsa Delight varieties -- both are supposed to be mildly hot, but they packed a pretty good whollop when I used them for salsa and chili last year.

I usually start the cucumbers and zucchini plants outside in mid- to late-April; they just seem to be happier when they start outside rather than inside. And besides, it looks like I need to order more seeds for the Little Dillicious cucumbers that make those great refrigerator pickles! Last year I experimented with pumpkins and watermelons, with mixed success. This year I'm going to try again, but I think I planted them too late in the season last year. I'll try putting them in earlier. I still have some seeds left for green beans and lettuce, which I could probably start outside now, but the soil is just too wet to do anything, so maybe I'll get to that next week.


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