Needlework Links

These are links to organizations, shops and designers mentioned on my blog and some others I like to visit

Guilds & Associations:


Where Victoria's Angels Stitch on Facebook> Link updated Jun-13-2015 My local shop for cross stitch and needlework supplies: linen, specialty threads, patterns & charts. Expert framing onsite. Westie friendly!

Events, Conventions, Festivals:
  • Consumer Arts & Teaching Festivals (CATS) - final show was at Hershey in 2007 Link deleted 11/16/2007
  • The Stitching Jubilee > in Valley Forge, PA, sponsored by Stoney Creek, replaces CATS festivals beginning 2008. Dates are October 2-4, 2008 and the event is being held at the Valley Forge Convention Center, the same place the former Spirit of Cross Stitch Festivals used to take place! link deleted 10/18/2012
  • STITCH N' PITCH > The Perfect Double Play, bringing together fans of baseball *and* stitching
Designers' Websites:
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