A Few Notes about my SewAmazin Photo Gallery

Some of the slideshows, filmstrips and other photo images from 2007 that appear on my website and blog are links from my Online Photo Filer (a feature hosted by GoDaddy). The photos are organized into Galleries based on technique, either Sewing, Embroidery, Needlework or Miscellaneous. In addition, each photo has one or more Tags, which are sub-categories such as Baby or Bags_Purses. You can view the images by browsing either the Galleries or the Tags (switch between them by clicking on the tab at the top left of the photo gallery screen). Also, you may view images as Thumbnails, Slideshows, Filmstrips or List (switch between these by clicking on the tab at the top right of the photo gallery screen).


Almost all the completed cross stitch and embroidery designs and some of the sewing patterns that appear on my website and blog are copyrighted by the original designers, and the designers retain all rights to those designs. I retain the rights to the photographs of my completed projects. The images that appear on my website are for illustrative purposes only -- you may not use them to reproduce these projects without written consent from the original designer.

Wherever possible, I have identified the original designer of each piece in the photo gallery comment/description section for each photograph, and if it is available I will add their website to my list of Links. If you would like more information about a particular piece, please contact me. Check with your local needlework shop or sewing gallery to obtain legal copies of patterns for any design you may wish to stitch yourself.

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