Digitizing Success! Hankie Blankie Puppy Face is Done at Last!

It's taken me almost a year to get this accomplished, but at long last I am satisfied. I just did a test stitch-out of the minkee hankie blankie puppy face that I have been working on and it turned out great.

I digitized the face last summer, without really knowing how to use the software and wasn't very happy with the first result, but was in a time crunch so used it anyway (read my previous blog entry: SewAmazin: Is it May Already? Part 3 - Digitizing (5.26.2007) ).

Here's the first digitizing attempt from 2006:

You can see that the mouth lines and eyebrows are lumpy and irregular; which didn't show up too badly when stitched on minkee fabric, but didn't really look professional.

I've recently been forced to admit that I can be a little compulsive about having everything look perfect. But in this case, I think it was worth it to put in the time to learn how to use the digitizing software correctly to create the new and improved version below:

See how nice and smooth the mouth is? And the eyebrows turned out just the way I wanted them, using the curved satin columns. As I stitched this sample, I realized I should have added some trim commands and maybe a few more tie-off's. I will try to add those before I stitch them on the minkee fabric. Maybe I'll even get those hankie blankies finished by the end of June. Then I can work on the teddy and kitty faces.

I have to send a big THANK YOU out to Miss Monica, The Embroidery Professor for all her help and class time spent on digitizing techniques so that I could finally figure this out.


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