About Me: How I became "SewAmazin"

We are big Mets fans in my house. Not the kind who paint our faces blue and orange . . . we just enjoy watching the games and cheering for our team. And we like it when they have a good year. So when we had the opportunity to buy tickets to the 2006 Division Series Game 2 at Shea, we went to watch them beat the Dodgers. (We later got tickets to Game 7 of the League Championship Series against the Cardinals, but that's another story.)

Since it was October, I began to think we might be a little chilly at night in the upper decks at Shea . . . we needed something to keep us warm that I could stitch. I purchased some baseball appliqué embroidery designs at Embroidery.com, stitched them on fleece with the words Amazing and Believe and made fleece scarves for each of us. Several other fans asked us where we had gotten the scarves and I was encouraged to make more and sell them. But where? And when?

I had been buying stuff on eBay for a couple of years, but had never sold anything before. So I decided this was the time to try. I also wanted to change my ebay ID to reflect what I was selling . . . it had to be related to sewing or embroidery or stitching somehow . . . and since the scarves were Mets themed items, it had to be something amazing . . . and that's when it hit me -- I could be SewAmazin! I couldn't believe the name wasn't already being used. When I wanted to create this website, I couldn't believe it was available for that, too. It had to be mine.

I've continued to sell items occasionally on eBay, mostly cross stitch kits and other supplies from my stash, such as magazines. I hate to part with some of them, but I know I'll never get back to them. And I need the space for my new sewing projects.

From time to time I'll list some of my embroidered items for sale, but I won't be mass-producing anything on a regular basis. This is my hobby, and it is supposed to be fun; I would not want it to feel like work. If you are browsing my photo gallery and see something you would like to have made for you, please contact me for information.

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