Pattern Alterations Classes - February

On Saturday, February 24, I attended the second of three sewing classes on pattern alterations and adjustments. In the first session, we learned how to adjust patterns for a simple straight skirt; in the second session we attempted cardigan jackets; the third session in a few weeks will cover pants. I haven't had a sewing class since junior high Home Economics . . . 

The first two sessions have been great. Our instructor is fabulous! She is so knowledgeable, and I am learning quite a bit. She has us making muslin patterns and adjusting them for our individual "fit", and she has given us suggestions on how to alter ready-made garments. 

For the first class, I was using a pattern for a skirt I made originally around 1995 . . . I had attempted to alter the pattern back then and I was somewhat pleased to learn that most of what I did was correct. The best part was that I actually made the muslin pattern about 2 inches smaller in the hips than I did back in '95 . . . that felt good. I was so inspired after that first class, I pulled out a skirt pattern I've been wanting to make for a year now, and tried making a muslin from that. This pattern is kind of fitted in the hip and flares at the hem, with the zipper at the side . . . I did pretty well adjusting for hip size, but I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust the waist. But I am not discouraged, I just need more time at the sewing table! 

The second session on Saturday was dedicated to cardigan style jackets. I don't think I chose the best pattern for this class, because the style I selected was intended to be worn over just a camisole top, and had a close fit. I did not wear a camisole top to class, so had to undress to fit the muslin properly; quite a sight for the security cameras at JoAnn's, I'll bet. I should have chosen more of an outerwear jacket for class . . . but the alteration techniques would be similar, so not to worry. We just about managed to get our patterns cut, sewn together and alterations marked before class was over, so I still have some homework to do on this project. And then I have a couple of jackets I'd really like to try to make soon . . . 

The class on altering pants should be quite interesting. I'm going to have to buy some tights or something so that I'm not walking around in my underwear when we are doing the actual fittings. This is the class I had requested, because I have such trouble finding pants that fit me in both the hip and waist. My waist is always much smaller than the ready made garments that fit in the hip and my attempts to alter the waist have not been satisfactory.

I'll report my progress on the muslin patterns when I finish them . . .

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