New Blog Features for the New Year

A new year brings a couple of changes and enhancements to SewAmazin that I'd like to share.

In addition to a few cosmetic changes, I've enabled the mobile-optimized view feature offered by Blogger in Draft.  Of course, they're not testing it on the template design I've chosen, but if I understand correctly, the blog will still be optimized for mobile viewing, rendered in a Simple format. If you visit SewAmazin using a mobile device, I'd welcome feedback on the level of success of this feature. The preview I can see looks okay, but I don't use a mobile device - yet.

The other major addition is a new Facebook page for SewAmazin.  There's a new badge/link in my sidebar taking you to the new page -- I hope you'll visit and Like it. So far, I've added the RSS feed from the blog and some other features and hope it will grow in the next few months.

The main reason for creating the Facebook page is that at some point later this year, I'm hoping to have some sort of 'storefront' for selling some of my custom sewn and embroidered gifts and personal items. I'm still exploring all the options and collecting information, but giving myself a target of summer 2011 to be up and running.

That's the big news for today ~ Thanks for visiting!


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