Westie Insulated Lunch Bag

Back in September 2011, I made several Insulated Lunch Bags for my niece and some cousins and fully intended to make more - and to attempt to make a sewing pattern, too.

Last month, I finally had a chance to spend some time working on a new bag - but first, I had to locate and decipher my scribbled notes from 2011.

Around the same time I was contacted by Westie Rescue of Tennessee about donating something to their silent auction fundraiser, held during their annual Meet & Greet event in mid-April.

Working with a deadline usually helps me stay focused on a project, so I decided to make a Westie themed lunch bag for them and begin drafting a pattern at the same time.
The rescue's colors are blue and red, so I chose a lightweight blue denim for the cover with red zippers and accents.

Of course, there had to be Westies on each side in the form of a machine embroidered applique, which I digitized myself.

The quilting and top-stitching were done in red thread and I selected a cute Westie cotton print for the lining of the front outside pocket and trim inside. Not shown in the photos is a removable shoulder strap.


To save time, I omitted some of the extra pockets and contrast pieces from my original bag design.

To go with the lunch bag, I made a couple of matching accessories. This is a quilted pocket key chain, made using an in-the-hoop embroidery design from Five Star Fonts. I used the same denim fabric and red embroidery thread in a diamond quilting pattern to match the quilting on the lunch bag and added a red metal snap for the closure.


I thought this mug rug would be a nice accessory to go with a lunch bag, made with a freebie design from FSF. I edited the design add a Westie outline that I digitized a few years ago.

While I was working on the Westie lunch bag, I also began the process of reconstructing my notes and writing a pattern and instructions. Unfortunately, I lost several days of sewing time to work on my tax returns, so as the deadline to finish and mail out the bag drew closer, I had to delay writing instructions. And I forgot to take in-progress photos .... Soooo - I will just have to make a few more bags!

One 'good' thing about procrastinating so long - I recently had an opportunity to chat with one of the girls who has been using her lunch bag since 2011, and she informed me that she still really likes it and that her Mom washes it all the time and it still looks great. I take that as high praise from a 9 year-old! :-)

I've already pulled fabrics to make several more lunch bags and I'm setting a goal to have at least one bag, with photos *and* a complete written draft finished by the end of May.

Dec-17-2018 Replace SewAmazin Flickr photos with Google photos; edited links


  1. Oh I wish you would write the pattern! I wish my own Westie lunch bag :)

  2. Sadly, a year later and this project is still on my to do list. Oh well, I didn't include a year so it could just as well be May 2014 ...

  3. 2018 Update: Sorry, I never did have a chance to write a pattern for this project. However, I have found a similar design by Sew Sweetness that I'm sure will be much easier to follow than I could ever hope to write. The pattern is called Peas and Corn Lunch Bags: https://sewsweetness.com/products/peas-and-corn-lunch-bag (I have no affiliation with this designer, I just like the designs)


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