Christmas 2008 Wrap-up

At long last I have a chance to post my Christmas 2008 gifts and projects! (Note: Even though I'm writing this in January, I'm backdating it to December so it falls into the proper month and year of my archives.)

This year's Christmas plan was to keep it simple -- the nieces and nephews got small items (like candy and ornaments) but instead of wrapping them in paper gift bags or boxes, most of them were wrapped up in something re-usable and made of fabric, which was part of the overall gift.

Back in 2005, the first Christmas I had my embroidery machine, I was still learning how to use the decorative stitches, so a few of them received pillowcases that I purchased and embellished with their names. Since the younger ones either hadn't been born yet or were still sleeping in cribs, they didn't get pillowcases that year; this year I made up for it.

Each pillowcase was made "from scratch" from a licensed fabric, purchased white piping and an accent fabric on which I embroidered their name. To finish the inner seams of each pillowcase, I used the serger and a 3-thread overlock stitch in matching cotton thread. I didn't really use any particular pattern for these; I glanced at various tutorials that I found online and then used a ready-made pillowcase for reference.

Brothers William & Joseph got matching Giants pillowcases:
Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008

Jack got a Giants pillowcase made from a remnant in a slightly different print:
Christmas 2008

Emily got a Hanna Montana pillowcase:
Christmas 2008

Richie D's new bedroom is decorated with cars, so he got a no-sew Disney Cars fleece pillow sham purchased at JoAnn Fabric:
Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008
The fleece pillow sham was a big hit with most of the younger kids on Christmas Eve, which means there will probably be a few more no-sew fleece projects on my to do list in the near future.

Jenna is crazy for penguins, so I embroidered this Winter Penguin Trio design purchased from Embroidery Library on a remnant of green velour and made it into a small tote bag using scraps of white apparel lining, recycled grosgrain ribbon and buttons for the handles:
Christmas 2008

The two eldest girls, Nikole and Elora, got Lazy Girl Designs' Perfect Pouches made from pink and green pleather:
Christmas 2008

Two of the youngest, Ryan and Lauren got matching fleece Prince and Princess hats, mittens and scarves made from Simplicity 4354, View E:
Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008

Lauren really, really likes purple, so I tried out one of the Pretty Purses in the Hoop (Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Collection #171) embroidery designs using two shades of purple rayon thread on purple faux suede, lined with lavender satin:
Christmas 2008

I drew my SIL Lynn in our family's Secret Santa gift exchange, so I made her a black and white Lazy Girl Designs' Miranda (scaled down a little) with coordinating Lazy Girl Designs' Wonder Wallet and Perfect Pouch, plus a pocket tissue holder (pattern/designer unknown -- I've done so many of these over the years I make them from memory now):
Christmas 2008
I bought the fabrics for this black and white Miranda at The Cozy Quilt Shoppe in late November; they are from the Black & White colorway for Califon - by Mark Lipinski's Home (Northcott Fabrics).

And in place of a paper gift bag, an extra large Lazy Girl Designs' With Love Tote (free pattern) made from two remnants of coordinating Christmas fabrics (about 3/4 yard of each):
Christmas 2008

I previously posted updates about the Christmas 2007 UFO projects; I haven't made any further progress on any of those, so they continue to be unfinished. Well, except for the in the hoop potholders -- I made several of those for myself. If they survive my kitchen and perform well, I may make more for gifts next year.

More photos of a all my sewing projects from Christmas 2008 can be seen in my Flickr photostream Made in 2008 set and in the Picasa album embedded below:
Christmas 2008 - in progress

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  1. You inspire me!!! I am getting to work on some sewing for my Westies and also making saddlebags and blankets for my horses.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful projects.
    Clare and the Calaveras Critters


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