Update: Photos of the Westie Barkettes

Last week I finished the matching Rockettes-inspired dresses for the Westies . . . well, I finally was able to get a few photos of them wearing the costumes. Hope you think they're as amusing as I do.
This is as close as we could get to a "kickline": Barkettes Costumes-Keli & Penny 
 Keli smiled sweetly for the camera: Barkettes Costume-Keli 
 Penny thinks it's hilarious: Barkettes Costume-Penny 
The still photos don't quite capture the dresses as much as I'd like, so maybe I'll try to get them on video for New Year's Eve . . .


  1. I love Keli & Penny.

    Monica, With Our Westies! (WOW!)


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