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I've collected several quilting patterns with Westies or terrier-like dogs (including some Scotties) as the main theme. Even though I'm not a real quilter, someday I plan to sew at least a couple of Westie quilts or wall hangings.

So, similar to my list of Westie machine embroidery links, I'm starting a page just for quilting patterns I like or have purchased, to help me keep track of my "collection".

I also have a Westie and doggie fabric collection photo album, updated every once in a while when I find something new.

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Quilt Patterns I have made: 
  • "Halloween Treats" appliqué quilt from FreePatterns.com; the original design features a Scottie and Chihuahua, but I made a few changes so that they resemble my Westie and Wauzer >> scroll down the linked page to find the pattern; registration/login required to download from this website. Here's my finished version, Westie Halloween Treats: Westie Halloween Treats

Quilt Patterns I have purchased:
  • West Highland Terrier Picture Quilt - Malec Designs > portrait of a Westie
  • Nickel Dogs - Me and My Sister Designs > made from charm squares, the pattern is suggestive of terrier dogs
  • Gone to the Dogs - judydidit designs > [the links to this seem to be broken - a google search yields lots of vendors offering this pattern] nine playful doggies in various colors, some with pointy terrier ears and some with floppy ears, and a variety of tail shapes. Could be adapted to feature almost any breed!
  • Doggie Diaries Quilt Pattern - Block Party Studios, Inc. > This could be made for any breed, not just Westies; pattern comes with a printed fabric panel with quotations and sayings.
  • Scottie Dog Tree Skirt - American Jane > scroll down the American Jane page to find the tree skirt pattern and two others - Scottie Dog baby quilt and Puppy Parade
  • Small Dogs > Designs for Machine Appliqué - traditional appliqué, not digitized for machine embroidery. Quilt design for a dozen small dogs, with the Westie right in the middle from Critter Pattern Works. They also have another pattern available featuring a Westie design, Dogs 1 pattern.

Quilt Patterns I have spotted on the web:


This isn't a quilt, but here's a photo of a Westie Christmas tree skirt I made from craft felt, rick-rack, buttons and glue. (This is a scanned image of the original photo, so some of the colors are off).

Every year when I put up the Westie Christmas tree (in addition to our main Christmas tree), this goes under it and I always think that I should add some hand stitching to it, but now it's about 10 years old and starting to come apart. It should probably be replaced - maybe a quilted skirt is in order.

Doesn't everyone have a special Christmas tree just for their Westies?

photo at right taken Christmas 2005 - Keli in the "Westie Wing", otherwise known as the "formal" living room (before it was re-decorated)

Updated July-7-2020


  1. I need a special tree just for my westie! And that tree skirt is just gorgeous... I love your site not only for the inspiration you provide but also because I am a fellow human owned by a westie--and I'd have it no other way!


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