Penny Strikes Again

The Damage . . . can you guess what happened here?

I was working on a muslin version of a t-shirt over the weekend and I thought Penny was chewing on a bone.

Imagine my surprise when I looked down and she had this pattern front hanging out of her mouth.

I managed to save the pieces, but by the time they dried out they were a wadded up clump of tissue with dog slobber for glue. ARGGG!

The Repair:

At first I thought I'd have to buy a new pattern packet. But lucky for Penny, this particular pattern includes several styles and multiple choices for front pieces.

I save the extra bits and pieces of pattern tissue whenever possible, so I had enough to cut and paste a patch were the shoulder should have been.

Then I placed one of the other front pieces under the damaged piece, matching up the armhole and shoulder lines and markings, and traced onto the new patch of tissue.

I used my french curve to re-draw a neckline.

Then darkened the lines with a permanent marker. Almost as good as new.

You don't have to see it to know this is a sad puppy face:


  1. Poor Penny. Let her chew whatever she wants!



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