More Hankie Blankie Puppies & Sleeve Saver Bibs

At our Material Girls/DKnJ: 1st Anniversary Brunch in July, I brought along some of my recently completed projects that I had made as birthday gifts for my 1 year-old nieces and nephew. These included the Zebra Alphabet minkee blocks for Richie and the sleeve saver bibs for Lauren (see Birthday Gifts Completed posted here).

I also brought the "extra" hankie blankie blue puppy with me, because I knew Material Girl Judy had a grandson around the same age as my nephew and might want it. Not only did she want the blue puppy, but she asked to make 2 more in pink (for her newest granddaughter) and yellow (for the next expected grandchild - due next spring, I think).

Hankie Blankie - Pink Puppy

Hankie Blankie - Yellow Puppy

In addition to the 15" square puppy hankie blankie, I included a 15" square "mini blankie" made of minkee dot on one side and flannel-backed satin on the other. That way, while one blankie is in the laundry, there's still one left to cuddle. I've been told that the little ones love these soft blankies, and that the 15" size is perfect for them to snuggle up to.

Judy and her family are also Mets fans. When I mentioned that I had purchased some orange ribbed knit and blue terrycloth to make sleeve saver bibs in Mets colors for my "gang", she immediately asked me to make one each for her grandson and granddaughter, personalized with their names. Of course, I agreed.

Sleeve Saver Bibs Sleeve Saver Bibs

I wasn't entirely pleased with the baseball appliques, so I also made a couple of "traditional" bibs with a Mets twist (the embroidery design of the Running Baseball was purchased from and I created the letter blocks using 4D Embroidery):

Mets Blocks Bibs Mets Blocks Bibs

I hope they like them -- I haven't heard back yet, but I'll share any comments here. Or, Judy, if you're reading this, feel free to add a comment!


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