My Westie Fabric Collection

I didn't mention my latest fabric find at The Cozy Quilt Shoppe . . . I was looking for yellow fabrics for Laurie's backpack and in the children's section I found this as a backing to a baby quilt:
Can you guess why I wanted it? See the Westie puppies? I took the bolt to be cut and decided I wanted enough for 3 repeats of that design. Turns out it was 1-1/4 yards.It doesn't go with any of the other Westie fabrics in my collection . . . but then, none of them really go together. I just buy them to add to "the collection". Some day I'll find a project worthy of actually cutting and using them.The collection includes the Westie faces collage (I have 1 yard+ of this one):
UPDATED February 2008: I've had a couple of inquiries about this fabric - I bought it on eBay a couple of years ago and believe it is either discontinued or out of print because it is hard to find. The information printed on the fabric selvage is as follows: 3752 * Westies makower uk England (the * is a copyright symbol and the letters are printed all lower case). I found this web page for the manufacturer (but no westie fabric shown as available):

Miscellaneous dog faces -- can you spot the "westie"?
Some reproduction prints of "white scottie" designs
(I think these are all Aunt Grace):

A denim remnant embroidered with white scotties:

A fat quarter assortment of various paws and bones:

Laser-cut fusible Westie appliqués purchased on eBay from Laser Quilt Appliqué Technology:

Even though I'm not a quilter, I have the patterns for two Westie quilts:

This came with the Doggy Diaries pattern:

Then there are the upholstery fabrics . . . this is just a square featuring the Westie:

I spotted this tapestry fabric in a Calico Corner catalog a few years ago and just have to have a 1/2 yard of it:

I also have a collection of Westie embroidery designs -- both machine and hand versions . . . but I'll save those for another day. *smile*

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  1. I love this!!!! I am jealous.

  2. I have a Westie fabric collection also! In fact, I want to find more of that white scottie embroidered on denim fabric. I lucked up on a piece from Ebay and now can't cut into it! LOL

    Are you on Facebook? If so, look me up:


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