Slipcover Progress: Final Wrap-up and Links

Below is a summary of all my blog entries for this slipcover project, in chronological order:
All the project photos are in my Slipcovers Picasa photo album

I've wanted to tackle this slipcover project for a number of years, but various obstacles or distractions always seemed to push it aside. In a way that was a good thing, because a lot of the other projects I've worked on in the interim helped me develop the sewing skills to make this slipcover the way I wanted it without compromising. Of course, my version was a lot more complicated than a basic slipcover and if I ever decide to make another, I will make a much simpler design.

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For example, constructing the various bags, purses and totes I've made over the past few years helped me to visualize three dimensions when joining the inside corners of the slipcover where several seams intersect. Also, making cushion covers for other furniture helped me with making and attaching piping. More recently, making covers for the dog beds helped me with planning how to insert a zipper and using the original covers as patterns. These were steps I considered easy so I could focus on the more challenging aspects of fitting curves and corners and making kick pleats.

I still plan to cover the throw pillows sometime soon and I'd like to integrate some pops of red and maybe a Westie or two into the room. That will have to wait for now.

Some statistical odds and ends:
  • Fabric Used: Sofa: 22 yards Miss Kitty Denim (home dec fabric, 54" wide), and about 5 yards muslin (45" wide) for lining the kick pleat under- and overlays; Ottoman: about 1-1/2 yard fabric remnants
  • Piping: made 880 inches or about 24 yards for the sofa and cushions; about 120 inches for the ottoman
  • Zippers: made 4 @ 42 inches each = 168 inches or 4-2/3 yards of Make A Zipper
  • Hardware used: Designer SE with clear B foot, single welt cord foot, and narrow zipper foot; Huskylock 936 serger set to 3 thread overlock stitch with regular S foot and large piping foot for clean finished seams
  • Notions: T-pins, air and water erasable marking pens, chalk wheel, bedskirt/twist pins, button cover kit, rotary cutter and mat, extra long 120" measuring tape
  • Reference Book: Simplicity's Simply the Best Home Decorating Book


Links: (I'll add to this list if I find other helpful resources)
  • Simplicity's Simply the Best Home Decorating Book - available from many vendors, this is a good basic how-to book, especially for beginners. The styles in the photos are a bit dated, but the instructions for measuring, constructing and installing basic home decor projects such as window treatments, bedskirts, pillows and slipcovers are easy to follow. Be sure to use your own imagination and don't be put off by the balloon valances and ruffled pillows in the photos!
  • Pam Damour - The Decorating Diva has a DVD Super Slipcovers that was somewhat helpful, after the fact. I didn't realize I had this in my stash until after I was finished with my project. I watched it just the other day and it reinforced some of the steps I had followed on my own. It's a good overall demo video for experienced sewists, but very new beginners would probably need more detailed information. Some steps, such as constructing welt cording or making the skirt, were described verbally but not actually demonstrated in detail.
  • Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog >> Sewing for the Home (September 2008) ~ Sewing a Slipcover - a step by step tutorial for a basic wing chair slipcover


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