In Progress: Best Friend and Four Leaf Clover Banner

Last month, for Valentine's Day I made this quickie Thankful Heart banner. This month, for St. Patrick's Day, I planned a companion piece based on another Embroidery Library sampler verse design, Best Friend and Four Leaf Clover.

I started out embroidering the Best Friend verse on some linen-type fabric. Then I remembered I had another design, a Celtic Shamrock appliqué that would look nice with it. And one last thing needed was a Westie - okay, technically they are Scottish, not Irish, but I wanted one on this banner. I used this freebie dog design, downloaded from and changed the colors a little, embroidered on some green fabric. It's not a real Westie design, but it is a floppy eared terrier, sort of like Penny.

This is what I've come up with so far:
St. Patrick's Day Banner

I made a last minute decision while embroidering to change the dog's collar color from red to green, but forgot that the same color thread was used for the tongue. So my dog has a green tongue. It could happen.

I've cut some strips of coordinating green fabrics to make a few "scrappy" borders between the embroidered pieces. This should be finished in time for St. Patrick's Day.


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