I spotted this Damascus antique sewing machine turned into a lamp while shopping at the Scranberry Coop last week:


My first reaction was How Cool is This and Wouldn't it be Perfect for my Sewing Room?

Then I thought, but what if it was still functional and someone turned it into a lamp just because it was old?

In the end, it did not come home with me; I don't really have the right space for it. But I'm sure someone will find it and treasure it.

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  1. Cool lamp. The shade is wrong though. It needs a faux worn shade in anything but white.

  2. Yes, I thought the modern white shade looked odd. Maybe a black shade with gold paint/trim would be a better match.

    It seemed as if the entire lamp was made of re-used or recycled parts, which is cool, so maybe the white shade was the one available at the time.


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