Valentines Past

Working on the Heart Runner/Mini Quilt last week reminded me of some of my old Valentine's day needlework projects, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of them here on the blog.

Below is stitched from a free Christmas Angel (1996) pattern from Lavender & Lace:

Even though it is a Christmas design, I display it for Valentine's Day because of the heart shape and roses surrounding the angel.

Also stitched in 1996 is this bellpull, from Emie Bishop's book Joyous Occasions:

This one isn't strictly a Valentine design either, but it has the hardanger heart design at the bottom, so I consider it part of the Valentine decor.

Next, "Be Mine, Valentine", was a chartpack from A Stitch in Time, completed in 1997. When the band sampler was complete, I finished it as a another bellpull:

In 2000, I participated in a Valentine's Day exchange in my local EGA chapter; I received this heart-shaped box filled with chocolate kisses, covered with Lizzie*Kate's Love is Best:

Next, a kit called "Red Heart" from Heart in Hand Needleart which I completed in 2004:

I like the tiny pillow insert and the fact that it has shamrocks on it, so I can leave it on display for both Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day.

Here's another kit from Heart in Hand Needleart called Valentine Roundabout, I completed it in 2006:

The kit included the linen fabric, thread and charm. When it was finished, I mounted the completed cross stitch piece to the lid of a paper mache box and covered it with coordinating fabrics and trims. Later, I machine embroidered an insert for the inside of the box:

Another project completed in 2006 was started at an EGA meeting in 1997:

These "chocolates" are made of ribbon!

In 2007 I embroidered by machine more than by hand:

These are in-the-hoop gift bag designs purchased from Embroidery Library.

That brings us up to date -- Happy Valentine's Day!

edited Feb-19-2021 correct broken links


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