Sidetracked - more fleece throw blankets

I always seem to get sidetracked in the middle of a big project. Something comes up, there's a delay in the main project and somehow that delay creates another small project . . . or two. 

This time it was my trip to Middletown to buy the fabric for the slipcovers. While I was there, I ordered a large piping foot for my serger, so that I could overcast the seams during the construction to prevent them from unraveling during use or laundering. I didn't want to make the return trip just to pick up a foot (it is a 45-minute drive each way), so I signed up for a class that was offered the following week - the Heart Runner (more details on that later). 

During class, my sewing machine started making strange noises; it was decided that the technician should take a look at it and since he was scheduled to be in the following day, I left the machine behind to be serviced. 

Without my sewing machine for a few days, I couldn't work on either my slipcovers or my class project, so I was left with choosing between either no-sew or serger projects. 

First I worked on this no-sew fleece throw kit:
Cars Blanket
Yes, it's another Disney Cars kit from my stash . . . the last one I plan on making (unless someone specifically asks for another one). These are very simple to make; the cutting lines for the tied sections are clearly marked so all it requires is a rotary cutter to zip along and cut the fringe and then some patience to tie each and every knot. This one is for nephew Richie D, to go with the pillow sham from Christmas '08 . . . I just ran out of time and energy to finish this on time in December. 

I could have spent some time organizing my sewing room, but instead decided to clear out some more of the stash. There were two fleece remnants with cars and vehicles that originally were intended for "something" for the boys someday . . . I didn't have a real plan when I bought them. 

 A few days before this, I was noticing the hem on a purchased fleece throw I received at Christmas:
purchased fleece blanket
It looks like a coverstitch of some kind. I could duplicate that with my serger for a simple hemmed fleece blanket. Inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected places, doesn't it?

It was as good an excuse as any to set up the serger for coverstitch and experiment. My first few attempts didn't turn out as I'd hoped. I tried a wide coverstitch and a triple coverstitch in matching blue thread; they looked okay. In the end I preferred the wide coverstitch best in a contrasting red thread.
Fleece Blanket w/coverstitch hem
I folded a hem to the back (wrong) side of the fleece, and stitched with that side on top so that the looper thread shows on the front (right) side of the blanket.

front (right side):
  Fleece Blanket w/coverstitch hem 

 back (wrong side):
  Fleece Blanket w/coverstitch hem
I may need to do a little more trimming on the wrong side to clean up the hem a little, but I'd like to see how it holds up to a trip through the washing machine and dryer first.

coordinating fleece remnant
I don't know who this blanket is going to yet, but I have a coordinating remnant of cars and vehicles on red. It measures only 15 x 60 inches, and I'm not sure what I can make of that -- I don't really want to make a scarf, but maybe a travel sized pillow, with blue coverstitching??? 

That's a decision for another day, since my sewing machine is home again and I'm ready to get back on track!

updated Feb-10-2021: photo links and text formats


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