Today is my First Blogoversary!

One year ago today I started up here at Blogger . . . wow how time flies!

The day I decided to move over to Blogger was the same day we had the solar panels for the solar water heater installed; while our "solar guys" were on the roof, I was on the computer trying to choose a template and color scheme.

I actually began blogging a few months earlier, using a free version of the blog format offered by GoDaddy. It was part of the package of freebies available with my first domain name. At the time, I didn't really understand what a blog was or how it could be used . . . I just thought it was cool that I could have my own website and web address with pictures of my projects. I've learned a lot since then -- and I'm still learning!

I've changed templates more than a few times, changed the header image every few months, added a second sidebar. I think I've finally gotten a layout I can live with for a while. I tend to keep adding "stuff" to the sidebars . . . I do like cool gadgets. Every so often I decide it's too cluttered and clean things up to try and keep the page neat and easy to read. Recently I added a favicon to my blog and website. Do you see a little sewing machine next to SewAmazin on the page "tab" or in the web page address?

Looking back over my blog entries, I've covered a variety of different sewing and "needle art" projects, and it's amazing to me how many I've actually completed in a year! Some of my entries are off-topic, about my Westies, my garden or something else. For a while I was writing a "green report" on a monthly basis, updating our reduction in electric usage as a result of our going solar . . . I haven't done that in quite a while. Occasionally I write something about the Mets, which is okay, since the name of this blog is derived from being a fan of that team. I generally try to keep all of my posts at least a little bit related to sewing.

In January, I posted about some goals for the coming year, now almost half gone. Have I made progress on any of those? Well, yes and no.
  • I wanted to learn how to use Flickr for images and I've done that. But I still use my other photo storage services, too.
  • I wanted to participate more in the online forums and blogs I visit; I'm still mostly lurking, but I have posted a few reviews at, and have posted a few finished Lazy Girl projects in the Lazy Girl Designs Yahoo group.
  • I wanted to take an online sewing class at Pattern Review -- haven't done that yet.
  • I planned to sew more garments for me and use my serger for more projects. So far this year, I've made a wearable muslin jacket and have plans for other items, like shorts, pajamas, blouses. But I haven't been sticking to this one as well as I'd like.
  • I wanted to spend more time experimenting with my digitizing software -- I've managed to create one simple Westie design. I haven't been doing much machine embroidery lately at all.
  • All the "personal" goals I wrote about in January are still goals -- we haven't started the kitchen remodel and the garden is still needing attention. We are recycling much more plastic and trying to re-purpose things before throwing them away. And Keli is getting a lot more attention since Penny joined us in January, so much so that she has her own blog now -- Keli's Korner.

So what's the plan for the next year of blogging?

I'm going to keep journaling my projects here. This is my place for "show and tell". My purpose is not to teach anyone how to do anything -- I'm not accomplished enough to do that. As an experienced beginner at just about everything, I'm just trying to share what I'm working on and how I'm doing it and maybe inspire someone else or get some feedback and advice for myself. I'll share links to instructions and supplies or resources when I can find them.

I will try to blog at least one entry per week, but will not feel guilty about not blogging when I have nothing new to show. And, unlike this post, I'll try to include more photos.

The focus of this blog will continue to be mostly about sewing projects, including more attempts at sewing garments, some home decor, machine embroidery and maybe even some quilting in the future. Yes, I know, I've said before that I'm *not* a quilter . . . but I'm starting to be converted to the idea that I can do quilting projects. Maybe.

So Happy Blogoversary to me!

-June 18, 2008-133 entries-


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