Update: Cool Ties for Mahwah Marine Moms

At the beginning of May, I started making Cool Ties for the Mahwah Marine Moms to send to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

So far, I've finished 30 ties and have another 15 ties cut out and waiting to be sewn. My sewing machine tension is not working properly so until I can get that fixed next week, I'll only be able to do the prep work on this next batch of 15. 

My plan is to make 10 ties every 2 weeks for the rest of this summer . . . 

If you'd like to help make Cool Ties (also called Neck Coolers) for the troops, you can contact Terry by email at MahwahMarineMoms at yahoo dot com for more information. Instructions can also be downloaded here. 

You can see the in progress steps in my Cool Ties Instructions Google photo album. Hope this is helpful!

edited Aug-9-2020:  Remove embedded Picasa slideshow and links; replaced with Google photos, remove broken links.


  1. Those are very "cool" if you'll pardon the pun. Where do you get the water crystals?

  2. Hi - Terry from the Mahwah Marine Moms gave me a supply of the water crystals to work with, since she bought a large supply and each cool tie needs only a 1/2 tsp each.

    I believe she bought them online at www.watersorb.com

    You might also find something similar at your local gardening center; they are the moisture absorbing crystals that water your plants slowly. A little goes a long way, so one small jar would make many ties.


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