And now the coordinating Amazin' Mets Wonder Wallet

Wonder Wallet - Mets

I spent a lot of time "fussy" cutting the cover fabric so that the logos would line up just right and be centered. The first time I cut it out I misjudged and had to start over. Probably because I was watching the game while cutting and they were getting clobbered by Atlanta (again).

I forgot to leave space or plan for a way to close this wallet. Oh well. Since Rich usually pays for our snacks when we go to the games, I probably won't ever need to take this out of my bag. And since I added a zipper to enclosed pocket section, that should be secure enough.

Wonder Wallet - Mets

The inside pockets are made from scraps of the bright blue twill I used inside the Mets Sassy bag, and this time I used a black zipper.

Now I have lots of little scrap pieces of this Mets logo fabric . . . can't bear to throw them away, so I'll have to come up with some sort of project. Maybe keychain fobs?


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