Butterick B4409: Ideas for Another Westie Bag

Recently I saw this bag in a catalog from Talbots:

It's a cute summer bag, but I'm not especially fond of pink flamingos. It reminds me just a little bit of one of the pieces in my Westie fabric

These are embroidered white terriers on denim, and they aren't all lined up and orderly like the flamingos. Close enough for me. I purchased this as a remnant some time ago and have been waiting for just the right project to use it.

I started searching for a pattern similar in style to the Talbots pink flamingo bag and came up with Butterick B4409:
I really only looked at the Butterick patterns because they were recently on sale for $1.99.

Don't you think that View C/D (the large green on the left and the floral on the lower right) are a pretty close match to the Talbot's bag? I think I'll leave out the contrast patches at the bottom. So far I've collected rings and a purse zipper for this project; I'm still considering what to use for the lining and handle.

This will probably be a June or July project . . .


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