Another Stuffed Westie in progress

I've made a little more progress on this UFO (previously posted here and here):

Knitted Westie Pup (in progress) Knitted Westie Pup (in progress)
This knitting design is Alan Dart's Perfect Pups Westie pattern, which I purchased on eBay around 2002.

The eyes and nose are finished and ready to be attached -- they are only pinned in place for now. The ears still need to be assembled, and the jacket needs to be completed. BTW, that's a photo of Wyndi in the heart frame in the background.

I also started this new stuffed Westie-like creation:
Westie-like doll (in progress) Westie-like doll (in progress)
This is McCall's Crafts pattern M4893, View AB. I used pink calico fabrics from my stash that I've had around for at least 15 years and stuffed this puppy with EcoCraft Fiberfill. I'm not sure about the buttons for the eyes and nose yet -- these are pinned in place for the moment. The pattern calls for shank buttons and has a stuffed fabric nose. The collar on this puppy was a gift for Penny, but it is not usable with a leash, so instead will decorate this critter. The ears have thin wire inserted before stuffing and sewing them in place and I curled them down to look like Penny's.

Once this is done, I'll try to do a review at

Beginning in March, I'll start sewing garments again -- one of my goals for this year was to make more garments for me. But I just had to make two more first-birthday gifts and these crafty items, just to get them out of my system (and off the to do list).


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