Sometimes I work with yarn . . .

Crochet and knitting are the first real "needle" arts I remember learning before the age of 10, aside from weaving potholders. When I was young I crocheted huge granny square blankets -- made not of multiple granny squares, just one, gigantic square. I still have a few of those and it occurs to me they could almost be called "vintage" nowadays. Yikes! I also remember knitting from time to time, but don't have too many finished objects that I can find.

I am not a knitter . . . just like I am not a quilter. But every 4 - 5 years or so, I get the urge to make something with yarn. This year the inspiration came from some fun novelty yarns I bought at the store closing sale at JoAnn ETC in West Nyack. I just bought a couple of skeins in colors I really like, not knowing what I might make of them.

The wrapper to the first skein had instructions for knitting a cute little slit scarf. I've quietly been wanting someone to make one of these for me for years, but alas, no one ever did. So I decided it was time to make one for myself. But I didn't want to knit, I wanted to crochet, because to me it feels like I can get done faster. So I made this one first, from 2 skeins of Lion Brand Fun Fur Prints yarn, color name Citrus:


Nice, but I didn't really read the directions so I didn't leave a little keyhole to pull the end through and I made it kind of wide. So I decided to try to follow instructions and actually knit the next one using one skein of Bernat Boa Nouveau yarn:


This one looks a lot more like the photo on the yarn label, but it feels a little tight around my neck. But I just adore the Peacock blue colors!

Finishing these quickie projects got me to thinking about the last time I went on a knitting and crochet binge . . . which was almost exactly 6 years ago. There's a project that has been sitting in my UFO pile ever since. I just pulled it out of the closet last night and decided it's time to finish it. After reviewing the instructions and inspecting all the contents of my storage bag, I determined that virtually all of the pieces are finished and ready to assemble. I started stuffing some of the sections with EcoCraft fiberfill.

Can you guess what it is?

100_1641 100_1642
At this point, it looks kind of like a duck to me . . . Here are some more pieces:

100_1643 100_1644

When it's all done I'll tell you the whole story about this project . . . there's a few pieces yet to be knit, but mostly it needs stuffing and sewing together.


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