Our new westie friend

Look who came home with me last nite . . . her shelter name is Wendy and she's 4 months old.

Right now we are her foster home and if everything works out between her and Keli, we'll be her forever home.

We've been trying out other names 'cuz Wendy is so similar to Wyndi, our first westie girl. One of the names we narrowed down to was Daisy (as in crazy daisy). But this morning we're calling her Penny, short for Penelope. And her middle name will be Shea, a tribute to the Mets' final year at the stadium.

Keli Angel has a new puppy sister, Penelope Shea. So far everyone is getting along, but Keli and I are both very tired!

Nov-15-2018 Replace SewAmazin Flickr photo, uploaded to Blogger


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