Keli's Korner

Well, it's official, Penny is staying with us for good. She's got a brand new crate, some puppy food and toys and we're scheduled to see our own vet by the end of the week. Hopefully we'll be getting started with a puppy class very soon. Keli is still adjusting to having another dog in the house, especially a puppy who is teething and nippy. Even though there have been a few squabbles, every day they are together is just a little bit easier.

They even have their own blog now -- it's called Keli's Korner. That's where we'll post photos and write all about their exploits as rulers of our Westieland, as we are now calling our home. The blog is just getting set up now, so there's only one article so far, but as soon as we have some time in between walks and play sessions, we'll start adding more. There may be an occasional note here on SewAmazin about westies, but from now on the topics will return to being mostly about sewing and stitching projects (and a few other notions).


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