McCall's 3400 - Hat

I've had this in my to do list for quite some time . . .

Actually, it's not for me. It's for my BIL, Michael.

You see, about 10 or more years ago, I made him a Santa Claus costume. Shortly after that, he started to ask me to make him a pink fur suit. Not a jumpsuit, a real jacket and pants suit . . . and it had to be pink leopard printed fur. Where is he going to wear this pink fur suit, you may be wondering? To Mardis Gras . . .

And then, as he and Laurie started to have children, the request included suits for each of them as well.

I always told him, you find the fur, I'll stitch the suit. He never has given me any fur.

Last fall, I spotted this pink animal print faux fur fabric and purchased 2 yards. I had no intentions of making a suit (at least not without getting proper measurements). I had a plan to make him a scarf or a hat or maybe a vest . . . that way he could keep on complaining that I never made him the fur suit he asked for.

So I finally got around to making a hat from this stuff:

It's a little big on me -- I've got a 21" head and I made this for a much larger 24" head. Of course, it's too late for Mardi Gras, but he may like it for Christmas!

Why did I choose a pattern for women's hats? Well, if you're going to wear pink faux fur, does it really matter if it's a men's or women's design?
I still have about 1-3/4 yds left of this fabric. I'm thinking of using it as a lining and contrast for a dog coat for Keli. Wouldn't it look nice on a white westie?

The pattern directions were easy to follow and I would probably stitch this pattern again -- but *not* in pink leopard faux fur! I'd also like to make the coordinating scarf someday.


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