First Harvest

At last, we were able to pick some cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash from the garden! Oh, and a few cherry tomatoes, too.

I counted 12 cucumbers altogether . . . why do they always seem to be ready all at the same time? So you know what that means . . .

The first batch of pickles will be ready soon! I've been a lazy gardener this year . . . started everything later than usual, haven't been weeding regularly, haven't even been watering regularly (we always seem to get some rain just in time). I watered last week and emptied the rain barrel; the next day we had a thunderstorm and now it's full to the brim again. Even so, all the veggies seem to be thriving so far. And really, couldn't weeds just be considered another form of "ground cover"? They are green . . . and besides, I'd rather be sewing than weeding. 

You can see more photos from the garden in my Google photo album, In the Garden

updated: Jul-22-2022 edited links, removed old picasa web album links


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