Machine Embroidery and In-the-Hoop finishes 2014-2018

This is the third in a series of "catching up" posts to bring my blog up to date with projects from the past several years. (See my recent Blogoversary 2020 post for an explanation)

Included in this post are projects made using in-the-hoop and machine embroidery designs from various designers. I'm including both personal projects and selected SewAmazin shop items (most are sold out or have been donated to Westie rescue fundraisers). They're organized chronologically beginning with 2014.

Coffee Cup Cozies: In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery designs by Embroidery Garden
February-May 2014:  These cup cozies were so quick and fun to make. The first sample was made for me with my initial and coffee theme fabric.

The next two samples were made to give away as gifts. I changed the monogram to a daisy embroidery design to match the fabric and used a daisy button for the closure.

I omitted the monogram on this beach themed cup cozy and used a sun shaped button for the closure.

Here are a few of the other designs I made over the years:

You can see many more coffee cup cozies in my Cup Cozies & Mug Rugs Google Photo Album

Mug Rugs:  In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery design by Five Star Fonts
May 2014: The Flower Mug Rug design was a freebie design and I made the first one for myself in scraps of my favorite fabrics at the time. The other two mug rugs were gifts, and I edited the design in my embroidery software to add text instead of the flower.

Cell Phone Wallets:  In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery design by Embroidery Garden
August 2014: I could not wait to stitch this design when it was first introduced! It's a true wallet that holds a cell phone and other necessities. It has slip pockets to hold cards and ID securely under the flap and there is room in the zippered area for cash and other items. I still use mine today to carry my Galaxy S10e phone. In 2014 I made a bunch of these in various fabrics to sell in my SewAmazin shop and at holiday craft fairs (and they sold out).

Jack's Sweatshirt
October 2014:  My memory of this project is a little fuzzy. One of my nephews started high school in 2014 and had joined a disc golf club. His mom asked if I could embroider a disc on a purchased sweatshirt for him. 

I remember searching for a suitable embroidery design with a disc that didn't reference ultimate frisbee, which wasn't quite as simple as you might think at the time. Eventually we chose this disc embroidery design by Grand Slam Designs. Jack wanted the design stitched on the back of the sweatshirt in his school's colors, and we changed the angle of the design so that it looks like the disc if flying towards the viewer.

I tested the design on a scrap of sweatshirt fabric to determine the thread color choices and eventual placement on the sweatshirt. When everything looked good, I hooped the sweatshirt with a heat away topper and cutaway stabilizer. My photos below show stitching in progress and finished, before removing it from the hoop. It took a really long time to stitch out and I slowed the machine down because of the bulk of the shirt. I didn't dare walk away and risk that a sleeve might slip free and get caught underneath the stitching!
I finished this project in time for his October birthday and I hope he liked it. Unfortunately, I don't remember ever seeing him wearing it.

You can see more photos in my Garments Google photo album

Garden Westie Mug Cozy and Coaster:  In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery designs Embroidery Garden
November 2014: This set was donated to WestieMed's fundraising auction on Facebook. I've used the Garden Westies fabric designed by Kim Niles, purchased from on many items for my SewAmazin shop. I used some scrap pieces to make this matching mug cozy and coaster.

Tri-fold Wallets, Hand Sanitizer Holders, Travel Tissue Cases, Key Fobs - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs by Embroidery Garden
May:  I made multiple versions of all these accessories as inventory for my SewAmazin shop and to sell at a rescue event I attended as a vendor in June 2015. Some of them are still in my inventory.


More wallet photos are in my Bags, Purses, Wristlets, Wallets Google photo album, photos of the other accessories are in the Accessories: Tissue Cases, Hand Sani Holders or Key Chains & Fobs photo albums.

Merry Christmas Felt Gift Card Holders - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery design by Embroidery Garden
December 2015:  I had started chemo in September and by Christmas time I was losing my fingernails and had a really hard time making these felt gift card holders. I did manage to finish them in time to hold cash for family Christmas gifts. 


Dog Breed Key Fobs / Purse Charms - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs by Newfound Applique:  Scottie/Westie, Labradoodle, Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, Boston Terrier, Pug
October: I spent most of 2016 recovering from chemo, surgery and radiation through September. I wasn't able to do much of anything around the house, so I started to work on some new ideas for my SewAmazin shop. These key fobs were adorable and weren't too taxing for my hands. They are made of marine vinyl in various colors and are attached to the key ring hardware with a snap.


West Highland Terrier Dog Breed Key Fob - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs by Buggalena
February 2017:  I don't remember how I found this particular design but as soon as saw it, I knew I had to add it to the key fobs in my shop. To make them gift ready, I started making hand stamped backing cards for each key fob. I also made them in brown and "blonde" colors as Cairn terriers.

Paw Print Key Fobs - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs by Buggalena
March 2017:  Another must-have design added to my shop, paw prints in a variety of colors of vinyl.

Schnauzer/Wauzer Dog Breed Key Fobs - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery adapted from a design by MommaMC on Etsy 
June 2017: The Westie key fobs were fairly popular and I knew I had to add a schnauzer to the mix. I found a feltie design that looked just like Penny, then edited it in my embroidery software to add the tab for the snap.

In-the-hoop Westie Puppy, Carrier & Accessories - Planet Applique
August 2017:  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the email introducing this stuffed puppy with a moving head and legs! The design from Planet Applique was actually a freebie for spending a certain amount in her shop. I just had to have it, so I ended up buying a few other stuffed animal designs for my embroidery collection just to get the puppy!

I made this little pup for myself, using white and pink minkee fabric from my stash. Isn't she adorable? The head is attached to the body using a doll joint, so she can turn her head from side to side. The legs could also be attached with smaller doll joints, but I chose to use buttons instead because I liked the way it looked.

The design pack includes files to make the puppy in various sizes, for hoops starting at 4x4 inches for the smallest, up to 8x12 inches for the largest. I made the size that fit my 5x7 inch hoop. It's amazing that the puppy can be made entirely in-the-hoop, with no additional sewing needed, except to close the openings in the legs after they are stuffed and to attach them to the body.

The puppy comes with it's very own carrier bag, also made in-the-hoop. It has a heart shaped window on the side, and I chose this pretty blue Valentine fabric and white rick rack trim as an accent. 

My puppy has a grosgrain ribbon collar with a Best Friend charm attached.

One of the accessories included in the design pack is a felt bone toy; the project instructions show how to include magnets in both the puppy's face and the bone, so she can carry her bone around wherever she goes.

Here is a side view of the puppy carrier. The heart shaped "window" is clear vinyl. The carrier is stitched as several flat pieces, stitched together at the edges, folded and secured with snaps to form the boxy bag shape.

The last accessory is a bag of bone shaped treats, made of felt.

You can see more photos of my puppy in my In-the-hoop Westie Puppy Google Photo album

Hanging Kitchen Towels - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery design for Towel Toppers by Embroidery Garden
September 2017:  I couldn't resist these tea towels with dogs in Halloween costumes and thought they'd be a fun addition to my shop. I made the towel toppers in-the-hoop using bits and pieces of Halloween fabric left over from dog bandanas and ruffles. The towels are attached to the toppers using conventional machine sewing.

Halloween Bunny - Embroidery Design by Urban Threads
October 2017: This hanging kitchen towel was made as a gift for Material Girl Kris for her new kitchen. She's been owned by many bunnies over the years and I thought this Halloween bunny would fit her style perfectly. The towel topper is the same one by Embroidery Garden above.

Westie Coaster, Mug Rug - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery Design by Newfound Applique 
September 2017:  A Westie Facebook friend brought this embroidery design to my attention. Isn't it adorable? The head is stuffed and is attached to the body with a snap, so you can position it any way you like. The decorative coaster is made of white marine vinyl, the bottom of the body is white premium craft felt. (Sold out July 2020)

Westie Text-filled Key Fob - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery Design by MadeByYoli on Etsy
January/March 2018:  Another group of Westie themed key fobs for my shop, made of marine vinyl. (Sold out July 2020)

Cute Kitty Cat Snap Tab Key Fob - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery Design by Designs by Little Bee
March 2018:  Kitty Cat key fobs for my shop, made of marine vinyl.

Bichon Frise Snap Tab Key Fob - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery Design by Newfound Applique
August 2018:  This key fob was made as a request from a customer.

See more photos of key chains and key fobs in my Google album Key Chains & Fobs

Hanging Kitchen Towels - In-the-Hoop Machine Embroidery design for Towel Toppers by Embroidery Garden
August 2018:  I was trying to get ahead for the holiday season with these hanging kitchen towels. The Christmas Dogs and Dogs in Scarves tea towels were matched with coordinating towel toppers. Shortly after these were listed, we lost Keli and I closed my shop so I still have some of these towel sets in my inventory. 

Scottie Dog Tea Towel set 
September 2018: This is the last set of hanging towels I was able to finish in 2018. (Sold July 2020)

See my Google photo album Towels: Kitchen, Bath for more photos

On a personal note: In 2019, I created a group on Facebook called Keli's Korner by SewAmazin, to try to sell some of my inventory items at clearance prices. There are quite a few dog bandanas, ruffles and other accessories still listed there. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to be very active with this group, first because of Penny's health issues and now because of mine. I also wasn't very motivated because our local post office was closed for over a year, so I had to mail out packages from a nearby town, which was very inconvenient. 

I plan to keep our group open for a few more months and then will have to decide what to do with the remaining items. If you are not on Facebook, you can view the items that are still available in my Google photo album Keli's Korner by SewAmazin.


  1. Donna, such beautiful work. I have enjoyed reading your recent blog postings and enjoying all of your beautiful creations.

    Thelma & Owin

    1. Thelma, thank you for reading! Posting these projects from the past several years has been an inspiring trip back in time for me and I'm glad to hear you enjoy them, too. Happy tail wags to Owin from Penny and Angel Keli.


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