Back from an extended blog break...

I can hardly believe it's been almost three months since my last blog post at the end of August - the time has flown by so quickly!

One reason for the break is that I've been busy sewing and preparing for various events. In September we celebrated Penny's Yappy Birthday and Keli and I walked in the Mutts Marathon for RBARI; and in October we participated as a vendor at our first country fair. And then Superstorm Sandy left us without power for 5 days earlier this month; we are finally getting back to normal. I have several blog entries drafted, but there have been some technical issues with the blog, and I wanted to get everything sorted out before posting again.

Back in September, I read about some issues with Feedburner, which I've used to manage subscriptions to this blog. I admit I'm not a computer geek - I know enough to get by and sometimes it takes a while to figure out how things work (or don't). There seems to be some uncertainty about whether Feedburner is being shutdown by Google ... the best I can figure out is that subscribers who use a reader (like Google Reader) should be fine, but email subscribers may have missed some posts.

I've been using MailChimp for my shop newsletters, so I decided to add an option to subscribe to the blog by email, just in case Feedburner does eventually go away. This post will be the test run of the MailChimp RSS-to-email feed. I've chosen a few friends and family who also subscribe to my newsletter to receive the MailChimp version of the blog. A very few will receive email from both Feedburner and MailChimp - those who do get both can decide to keep one and unsubscribe from the other. Most of my Feedburner subscribers will be unchanged, but if you'd like to move over to MailChimp, you can do so by using this subscription form.

UPDATE 2022: Feedburner no longer offers a subscription by email for blogs. To subscribe to our MailChimp mailing list for this sewing blog, use the email signup form in the blog side bar. Here's a screenshot of the form. If you are on a mobile device, tap the three bars at the top left for the dropdown menu/sidebar.
If you were previously a subscriber through Feedburner, you have already been added to the MailChimp mailing list.
I'll keep this entry short and end here for now and if all goes well with the test, I'll have several more posts to share very soon!

updated: Jul-23-2022


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