Westies Rule & Graceful Collie Insulated Bottle Carriers

This Westies Rule insulated bottle carrier is my new all-time favorite!

Here's a closer view of the machine embroidered Westie applique design from Planet Applique (they call it a Yorkie Puppy, but it's obviously got Westi-tude!). Using software, I flipped the original design and then added the Westies Rule text underneath. If it looks familiar, you may remember I stitched the Westie design on a bib for my nephew in 2010.

The inspiration to put this particular design on a bottle carrier was gradual. I was thinking about making red and blue bottle carriers with a Westie theme shortly after I saw reusable bottles from Westie Rescue of Tennessee on their Facebook page. Around that time, one of the WRT ladies asked me if I would be willing to donate something for the auction at their annual picnic and she mentioned the Westies Rule design (I was using a sample stitch-out as my personal profile picture). And that was the moment it came together.

I donated both a red and blue bottle carrier for the auction and they sent me one of each color bottle and a WRT t-shirt:

Water Bottles from Westie Rescue of Tennessee

Then they ordered several more in each color. I took this photo after finishing up a batch of eight bottle carriers - I still can't help giggling every time I look at it:

Both the blue and the red versions are available by request through my ArtFire shop or my SewAmazin shop on Etsy. I've purchased several additional puppy breeds from Planet Applique, including a Doxie, Beagle, Jack Russell and Labrador, so these are available by request, too.

I received a request to make bottle carriers with a Sheltie design, but I wasn't able to find an embroidery design that both: 1) lived up to the cuteness of the Westies Rule and 2) was within my stitch count threshold for a bottle carrier. I did find this Graceful Collie design from Embroidery Library, which my customer (who had a Collie in addition to the Shelties) approved for a set of four bottle carriers, one in each color.

I really like the simple elegance of the Graceful Collie design; it stitches out in a single color and the filled areas create subtle shading and contours. It's part of a Classy Canines design pack from Embroidery Library that also includes Great Dane, Irish Setter, Afghan Hound, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Doberman, Airedale, Siberian Husky, Akita, Dalmatian and Boxer breeds. (I only purchased the Collie design for this project.)


You can see all the bottle carriers I have made to date in my Insulated Bottle Carriers google photo album 

Nov-23-2018 Replace SewAmazin Flickr photos with Google photos; edit old links


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