Westie Applique Bib

A few weeks before Easter I purchased several machine embroidery designs from Planet Appliqué, one of which was this Westie appliqué design.   Actually, they call it a Yorkie Terrier Puppy, but it looks too much like a Westie to me.

For a sample stitch-out, I thought I'd try embroidering the design onto a bib for my nephew RJ:

Westie Bib

The appliqué fabric is a scrap of blue quilter's flannel and it's embroidered onto a purchased blue bib (from Babies 'R Us).  I used a sticky wash-away stabilizer, so the only stitching on the back of the bib is the bobbin thread.


  1. That is an adorable applique and such a cute idea for using it! I'll bet you find a lot of projects with that design, makes me even more wanting an embroidery machine...


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