Shoe Diva Coin Purse

Here's a cute little Shoe Diva coin purse I've made a couple of times this year. The first one was a special request back in February.

A few weeks later, one of my friends asked me to make another one for her granddaughter, with a little extra bling and her initial.

If this design looks familiar, that's because I used it previously on the Shoe Diva Insulated Bottle Carrier last fall. The embroidery design is called Mola Diva Shoe from Embroidery Library. I used 4D Embroidery software to reduce the design size slightly and reverse the image. 

The color palette is made up of girly pinks, pale purples and fuchsia, embroidered on aubergine faux suede. For the letter A initial I used 8 Claws and a Paw's Tinker Bell font, stacked on top of the shoe's heel. For extra bling, I added some pale purple hot-fix crystals.

The lining for the coin purse is pale lavender satin that matches the ribbon loop at the top.

To sew the coin purse into a shoe shape, I made a fabric sandwich of the front, cotton batting and the lining and basted the layers together about 1/2 inch away from the embroidery. Then with right sides together (and the back already assembled with zipper inserted and open), I stitched again about 1/8 inch inside the basting stitches. The seam was trimmed with pinking shears before turning the piece right side out.

My friend wanted the finished coin purse to be just large enough for her granddaughter to carry her house key, but it could also fit a small tin of mints or a lip balm. And of course, we added the pink carabiner clip so she can attach it to her backpack.

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