Metsie Bandana-style Collar Slipcovers

This entry was supposed to be posted in April, just in time for baseball's opening day ... but I got distracted. And then the Mets started winning, with a line-up that everyone said was way below-average. As the weeks played out, April was an amazing month for the comeback kids!

So here I am in May, finally sharing these Metsie bandana-style dog collar slipcovers! I made these for a friend who is also a big Mets fan. She asked for three reversible bandanas for her dogs, with the Mets logo fabric on one side and custom embroidery on the other side.


The first one is for Buddy - the embroidered side has the number 3 on it in white and orange with his nickname above and below, placed just like the back of a player's jersey. The buttonhole for the leash loop and all topstitching is done in Mets orange.

Can you guess which former Met player he is named for?

The second bandana, for Ollie, is similar to the first. And no - he wasn't named for Oliver Perez! I don't think he's named for anyone specific, they just liked that name for him.

They left the choice of a number up to me, so I chose the number 5 for this one, in honor of the team's most recent all-star.

Instead of a number, the third bandana has a baseball embroidery design on orange fabric for Miss Shea, who is named in honor of the former home of the Mets.


The buttonhole for the leash loop and all the topstitching is done in Mets blue thread

Sorry - I do not have the Mets logo fabric available for sale or for additional bandanas - this is from my own personal, dwindling stash that I only use for special projects. Thanks for understanding! If you'd like a similar bandana, I have several baseball themed fabrics that can be substituted for the logo side.


Mark your calendars! This year's Stitch N' Pitch day at Citi Field is Sunday, June 3 vs Cardinals.

This year they're having a Marketplace beginning at 6pm 11am (game begins at 2pm game time has been changed to 8pm). Vendors include: Knitty City, Lion Brand Yarn Studio, The Yarn Company, Warm Up America, Vogue Knitting, Knit Shop Girl, Flying Fingers and The National NeedleArts Association. They plan to giveaway 3 gift baskets filled with books, supplies, yarns, kits and more. And every attendee will receive a Marketplace Coupon that can be used at participating vendors shops.

See for tickets and information on the event. And follow StitchNPitch on Twitter for information on the raffle baskets, coupons and more.


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