Shoe Diva Insulated Bottle Carrier

This insulated bottle carrier ranks among the top five of my all-time favorites (so far)! The recipient requested a customized design that featured high heeled shoes and the color pink. Oh, and I almost forgot - it had to have some sort of shiny 'bling'.

The embroidered design is actually a composite of two different designs from Embroidery Library. The background 'feathers' were part of one design (Fashionista Footwear), and the high heeled shoe is from a second design (Mola Diva Shoe).

My customer liked different elements of each design. Using embroidery software, I deleted the original shoe and text from the first design, saving just the background. Then I mirror imaged the Mola Diva Shoe and resized it to fit in the space. It didn't quite fill the void, so I needed to add some stitches to the background. It took me a couple of practice stitch-outs to get all the stitches just right.


When it came time to stitch the design, I changed all the colors to shades of pink ranging from soft bubblegum to intense azalea. And for the background, I selected a Sulky metallic thread to add the shiny glitz. Originally I had planned to add some hot-fix crystals, but they didn't stick to my sample. I don't really think the rhinestones are missed, lol!

The straps are hot pink polypro belting and I even found a cord lock in a coordinating pink color. I made sure one of the pinks in the embroidery matched the strap color.

Next time I'm making up a batch of bottle carriers, I'll add a variation of this one for my ArtFire & Etsy shops.  Available by custom request from my ArtFire shop: Shoe Diva Insulated Bottle Carrier

UPDATE:  I recently was asked if my insulated water bottle carriers would fit an Aquafina 1-liter water bottle. Since I have been focused on encouraging the use of reusable water bottles, and I wasn't entirely sure how my carriers would fit specific plastic bottles.

So we went shopping - and I'm pleased to share that the Aquafina bottle does fit inside most of the bottle carriers in my shops, though it is a bit snug. Some of the carriers are a little short, so the drawstring doesn't quite pull in at the neck of the bottle, but both the Peace Love Paws and Recycle Symbol carriers fit quite well (see photo at right). This is just the right height so that the drawstring pulls in at the base of the bottle's neck *and* the top edge of the carrier doesn't get in the way while drinking.

I'll be adjusting my basic pattern for the future to ensure that the carriers will be able to carry the Aquafina bottle.
  • You can see more photos of bottle carriers I have made in my Insulated Water Bottle Carrier set on Flickr.
  • Find them in the Insulated Water Bottle Carrier section of my SewAmazin ArtFire studio
  • Selected carriers are also available by request in my SewAmazin Etsy shop

Nov-25-2018 Replaced SewAmazin Flickr photos with Google photos/Blogger upload; edited old links


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