Stitch N' Pitch at Citi Field: By The Numbers

Stitch N' Pitch at Citi Field: By the Numbers

Stitch N' Pitch @ Citi FieldEvent: Guinness World Record for The Most People Crocheting Simultaneously (if you don't know what this means, read my previous blog post)
Date: June 5, 2010
Time: 2:15pm (approximately)
Seating: Promenade Section 531
Capacity: 427 Crocheters breaking the record
Duration: 15 minutes
Swag: 2 Mets bags, a keychain, yarn and a crochet hook
Total Stitch N' Pitch ticket holders: not sure about this one, but heard there were over 600 tickets sold; I'd guess it was about twice that number on game day
Number of Years Mets have Participated in Stitch N' Pitch: 4
Number of Stitch N' Pitch Games I've attended: 2

Final Score of the Game: Mets 6, Marlins 1
Mets Hits: 10, 4 from Ike Davis
Home Runs: 1 from David Wright, his 10th of the year
Home Record after the Game: 21-9
Weather: 89 degrees
Wind: 16 mph, out to RF
Total Attendance: 37,165

This is a shortened post - I'm working on a more detailed recap that should be finished soon. I've been reading lots of blog posts about Saturday's Stitch N' Pitch at Citi Field; thought I'd change it up a little with my post. If you're familiar with this page on you'll get it. :-)

You can see my photos in my Stitch N' Pitch photo album

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