More Painting: Dining Room Touch-up

I hope to be sharing sewing projects again before too long, but until I manage to clean up my sewing room and actually work on something, I'll share some of the other projects occupying my time. For the next month or so I'll be focused on painting.... the kitchen, the powder room and a few other "touch-up" areas that were affected by the kitchen remodel. So the crochet and knitting projects will continue for a while, too, since I can work on them anywhere.

Before the renovation, this was the view from the dining room into the old kitchen. The lower wall is painted a solid eggshell finish and the upper wall is a faux finish using glaze and was intended to resemble woven fabric such as denim or linen.  I painted this room several years ago and fortunately, I had sufficient leftover paints and glaze for this repair project.

The archway from the kitchen to the dining room was widened and relocated to the center of the room. The contractors cut a new entry way and patched the old one with new dry wall. It would have been too easy if they'd been able to reuse the cut out section, wouldn't it? At least they were able to salvage and reuse the chair rail molding.

I spent one afternoon covering the moldings with painters' tape and fixing the patched areas before priming the drywall.  Because it's been several years since the original paint job, it took a while to remember how to create the woven fabric look.  Finally I found the right brush and used a light tack tape to create new "panels" to glaze.


Here it is all finished - the lower wall is a really good match and the upper wall is close enough.  The good thing about this technique is that it is supposed to be textured and irregular.


Paints used: Behr Premium Plus latex paint from Home Depot, Neptune Blue in eggshell on the lower wall, Americana in eggshell mixed with faux glaze on the upper wall over a base coat of flat Navajo White.

Up next: the Great Room Wall - needs to patched, sanded and primed.  I may paint part of this wall with some leftover neutral color so I can put up some window treatments until the rest of the Great Room can be painted professionally.

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