I'm finally caught up on the blog with my sewing projects to date, but still not back to sewing anything yet. I have a good excuse (or two).

One of those excuses is painting -- as a result of our kitchen renovation, there are a lot of walls and other objects that need to be painted or touched up.

The first finished touch-up was the powder room medicine cabinet.  We opted to keep the old cabinet rather than spend money on a new one.  Besides, we couldn't stand the idea of throwing away something that was perfectly useful, just the wrong color. So we refurbished it.

The frame around the mirror is a hard plastic and it used to be shiny metallic gold.  I never liked the gold.  Before the renovation,  as I was prepping the room by taking down the old wallpaper, light fixture and outlet covers, I decided to try removing the mirror and frame of the medicine cabinet.  That's when I discovered it was just like a regular picture frame and could easily be painted a different color.

Choosing a new color was a minor challenge. Most of the other metal accents in the new powder room - the cabinet hardware, light fixture - are the currently popular "oil rubbed bronze" finish, but the faucet is a victorian nickel.

First we tried spray paint in a matte finish, metallic nickel color, thinking it would disappear against the glass mirror, but it didn't look right.  The second choice worked better - it's Hammered brown paint from Rustoleum.  In the close-up above, you can see that the paint dried in a slightly textured finish with both gray and brown tones. I really like this look - I'll have to use it again on something else.

See - it looks much better now:
Of course, the walls still need to be painted ... it's on my to do list.  I have a few other touch-up projects to finish first.

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