Crochet Projects for Stitch N' Pitch

I'm planning on going to this year's Stitch N' Pitch event at Citi Field and we even found a local NJ shop to buy our tickets - Creative Knitworks in Westwood.

I just needed to find a crochet project to work on for the attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most people crocheting simultaneously. The project had to be something that would hold my attention long enough to finish it....

Searching the web for pattern inspiration, I came across a free Baseball Scarf design by Lily Chin. The PDF pattern can be downloaded and includes instructions for both knitting and crochet versions.  This probably won't be news to most Stitch N' Pitch fans, as it looks like it's been available for several years. Since I don't work with yarn too often, it IS new to me. I was pretty sure I could handle it.

Actually, I've already sort of finished it:

I used white and blue yarn from my stash and bought the orange at JoAnn Fabrics. After the photo above, I added the detail work between the individual baseballs. Before adding the baseball stitching, I thought I'd finally set up the Huskystar ER-10 felting machine that I bought several years ago and see what it could do. The yarns are all mostly acrylic, so I wasn't expecting perfect felting, but the effect is somewhat interesting.

Crochet and Felting

It's going to take several days to felt all 11 sections of the scarf and afterward I may try either machine or hand embroidering the baseball stitching and maybe a few other Metsie details.

So the next question is, what am I going to work on at the Stitch N' Pitch event?

How about this free crochet pattern from Caron for a Two Tone Tote in orange and blue ..... here's the front of the tote, finished a day or so ago:

This is the same orange yarn from the baseball scarf - it's TLC Essentials No Dye Lot worsted medium weight 100% acrylic in Persimmon; the blue is Lion Brand Jiffy bulky weight 100% acrylic in Denim.  The pattern calls for using two strands of yarn for all stitches.  I'm finding that it makes the crochet process a little slower, but the result is a thick piece that should make a nice sturdy bag when its finished.

I started a few rows of the back and now that I understand the pattern better, I'll probably put it aside until Stitch N' Pitch so I can work on it at the event. I plan to make the bottom and the straps of the bag in the blue denim color, then I'll add some sort of lining.

I don't know what I'll do with it when it is finished ... 

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