Another Vintage Treasure

Since I haven't been sewing anything new lately, I thought I'd share a recent addition to my collection.

Earlier this year I found this tin at the Scranberry Coop:

The image of the antique Singer sewing machine looks exactly like the machine I inherited, right down to the detail on the drawers of the cabinet.

The tin itself looks old, but there are no rust spots, scratches or other blemishes, so I doubt it is an antique.

Perhaps I should have dusted it before photographing. :-)

I haven't had much luck identifying the original purpose of this tin or what it may have contained; if anyone has information about when and where it was originally distributed, please leave a comment.

Update: Received the following comment from Scranberry Coop on our Flickr photo:

"This looks like a Bristol Ware tin. Bristol Ware manufactured reproduction name brand tins from around 1975 - 1985, with trademark permission from Singer, Hershey, Tetley, Uneeda, Heinz, Nabisco, a Roly Poly series, and more. I think the Singer one was around 1980, so you're right it's not too old, only about 32 years. 

We get a lot of those Bristol Ware repro vintage tins in from the 70's and 80's. They go for anywhere from $2 - $20 depending on condition and how sought after the brand is."

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  1. As far as I know this box was a carrying case for accessories (Bobbins, needles, feet attachments)as well as tools for replacing these items.

  2. I am jealous!! I too have a treadle with the same pattern and I am seeking a tin! I believe it is from the 70s!

  3. My mom also said the tins were for accessories. I found one that sold on ETSY for around $5.00, and it said it was from the 1920s to 1930s.


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