Cool Ties for Mahwah Marine Moms - Final Update 2008

A couple of weeks ago I delivered the last batch of cool ties to Terry and the Mahwah Marine Moms for their shipment to the troops at the end of July. Since the ties last about a month and several of the soldiers are scheduled to return to their home bases in September, the July shipments were the last to include the cool ties and other summer items.

My original plan was to make about 20 ties a month throughout the summer, but when I found out they had to be done by the end of July, I put all other projects aside and cranked out as many as I could until all the water crystals were gone. That turned out to be 59 ties in July!

The Mahwah Marine Moms will be having a town wide drive in September 2008 to collect personal items to send to the troops beginning in October. Even though some are returning home, others are shipping out so the care packages will continue to be sent out.


If you missed any of my previous entries about the Cool Ties, you can read them by following the links below:


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