Westie Machine Embroidery Design Links

Over the past few years I've purchased a number of Westie and generic terrier-themed machine embroidery designs. Some designs are more abstract than others.

Here's a list of designs I've either purchased or spotted online, organized by website/vendor. I'll add to this list whenever I find more Westie machine embroidery designs. If you would like to share a link to a Westie machine embroidery design (or report a broken link) please leave a comment.

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From Embroidery.com:

There are other westie designs at Embroidery.com; they just didn't appeal to me.


From EmbroideryLibrary:


From EmbroideryDesigns.com:
There are more Westie designs at EmbroideryDesigns.com that I'd like to buy someday.


Purchased on eBay:
  • From Tednshar's Treasures - West Highland Collection - 10 designs in 3 hoop sizes, 4", 100x130 and 130x180. These designs are created from clipart, very cute. I purchased my copies in 2006. A current eBay listing expiring 4/25/2008 is here. Check out their eBay store for other dog breeds. (No affiliation - I just liked the designs)
This vendor is no longer on ebay

From Perfect Little Stitches:

Other Westie designs I've spotted on the web:

From Planet Applique:

From Loralie Designs:

From The Stitchery Mall:
  • 1782 Westie FSL Ornament >> 4x4" design (search the site for more Westie designs)
  • Westie Redwork and other designs >> this links to one design at The Stitchery Mall; search for Westie for more designs of head studies and full body profiles

From Amazing Designs:

From Urban Threads: