New Additions to the Westie Fabric Collection

Over the weekend, a few of us Material Girls/DKnJ made what is becoming an annual road trip to the QuiltFest of New Jersey in Somerset.

A few days before the show, I really didn't think I'd be buying anything since my sewing room is still overflowing *and* I am determined to make some garments this year . . . but when I was planning out which fabrics I should use for my next project (a new bag for me), I decided I didn't have the right mix of colors to coordinate with the westie faces from my collection (I blogged about it here in August 2007).

So on the day of the festival, I was in search of chocolate browns, blacks and other "doggie" prints.

Here's what I found at the QuiltFest:

Raining Cats & Dogs by Debbie Mumm for Quilt Shops

Top: Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Inc. Pattern # DOG-C2939;
Bottom: Michael Miller Fabrics "Curly Paws" Pattern #CX3273 in green, pink, blue

I also bought another terrier style quilt pattern from Me and My Sister Designs called Nickel Dogs. They don't look exactly like westies, but the shapes suggest a terrier dog. Of course, I keep saying I'm not a quilter, but now I have at least 3 patterns for westie quilts.

These aren't exactly doggie or westie fabrics, but I just couldn't resist the chocolate brown combined with the blue and green:

Moda fabrics Daydreams by Deb Strain:
Left: Daydreams Journey Breeze
Center: Daydreams Mosaic Tiles Breeze
Right: Daydreams Paisley Breeze

We had a great day at the QuiltFest; each of us said we spent more money than we'd planned, but that the items we purchased were worth the expenditure and were not just frivolous stash additions.

Even though we had a snowstorm the night before, the roads were clear and dry and the sun was shining as we met for breakfast at 9am. We were on the road by 9:45 and arrived at the show about an hour later.

Of course, it's not a road trip until someone gets lost . . . we took care of that on the way home when I missed the turn for the Garden State Parkway and nearly ended up on the road to Staten Island. Fortunately our navigator, Denise, noticed we missed the exit right away. We made a quick turnaround and were headed back in the right direction without incident, only losing about 10 minutes in travel time. It surely would have been handy to have a GPS that day!

Just a couple more westie photos: Kris found this pin before I did and bought it for me.

What a nice gift to add to my collection! Thank you Kris! I put it on right away and all afternoon I had people approaching me and asking if I have a westie -- because they did, too. How nice it was to meet other people who like westies and sewing! Last year at this show I bought a different pin:

I think I need to make a pillow or something to display my entire westie pin collection -- these two are just one small sampling . . .

edited: Jul-20-2022 replace old picasa web album photos and links with google photos


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