Evidence of Spring?

Keli & Penny and I have been spending a lot of time outside walking recently and we've noticed a few suspiciously green things growing around the yard. 

Could this be evidence of spring? The calendar says that it has arrived, but we are still cold when we go out. We want definitive proof that a new season is beginning.

Daffodils poking up through last year's dead leaves

   hyacinths in the front yard  

mini daffodils, tradescantia and hyacinths under the butterfly bush 

 daffodils working their way up through last year's oak leaves

   the chives are the first to return to the herb garden

Last autumn I was a lazy and distracted gardener and never got around to doing a good fall clean up, so all of last year's perennials dried up and spent the winter standing like skeletons in the yard. I didn't even take down the tomato supports, so they've been out there all winter serving as perches for the birds. But with little shoots of green starting to poke through, it's beginning to look like I'll have to begin a spring clean up very soon. If only it could be sunny and warm for a few days I might be inspired to collect all the dead vegetation and deposit it in the compost pile. 

I should also be starting any seedlings for the garden this week. I keep putting it off, thinking maybe I'll just buy seedlings at the nursery this year, but the thought of not having any Big Mama tomatoes or False Alarm peppers almost inspires me to get out the potting soil and grow lights and get my hands dirty. Almost.

edited: Jul-20-2022 replaced old picasa web album photos with google photos


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