Westie Christmas Tree Skirts and In the Hoop Stocking

Back in May of 2013, I posted about a Westie & Scottie Christmas Tree Skirt that I made for a friend in 2012. Since that time, I've made a few more and wanted close out 2014 by sharing them here on my blog. Each tree skirt was made of premium craft felt with variations in the layout and designs.

This tree skirt was a custom order for Christmas 2013 and is almost identical to the Westie & Scottie version in my previous post, except that it has only white terriers:

In April 2014 I made a variation of the tree skirt and donated it to Westie Rescue of Tennessee for their Meet & Greet and Silent Auction event in May. 

This version has only 4 pairs of Westies (instead of 6) and they are machine embroidered, just like the Christmas trees and holly leaves (from Embroidery Library's Christmas Heirloom Applique pack). 

I originally digitized the applique design in 2011, using Penny's Free Westie Pattern to embroider Westie hand towels. The tree skirt version of the embroidery design has blanket stitches instead of satin stitching around the edges, to match the heirloom look of the Christmas trees and holly.

Here's a closer look at a pair of Westies with green bows at their neck:

I ran out of the 3/8 inch wide plaid ribbon I used on the previous tree skirts, so the bows on the Westies' necks are hand-tied using 5/8 inch wide ribbons in red and green gingham-style plaid, then hand stitched in place.

Over the summer, I received a request for another tree skirt; on this variation, the green and white rick rack colors are reversed:

And here's a close-up of a pair of Westies with red bows at their neck:

The tree skirts each measure about 50 inches in diameter and since the felt measures 72 inches wide off the bolt, I now have a good supply of red felt remnants! I decided to try making a stocking with the same Westie machine embroidered applique combined with Christmas Stockings In-the-Hoop from Five Star Fonts

This stocking was donated to Lone Star Westie Rescue's Fundraising Auction on Facebook in July. The finished stocking is about 5 inches across at the top edge and about 10 inches tall and the inside is lined with a red and green striped cotton fabric. I modified the in-the-hoop instructions and instead of adding fabric to form a cuff at the top, I added white rick rack trim.

I really liked this stocking and hope to make more in 2015!

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