Christmas Westie T-shirt

It's been a while since I sewed something for me! This project was a quick 'make-over' of a purchased ready-to-wear t-shirt; it was almost a no-sew project, LOL! 

I stumbled upon the gray long sleeve t-shirt with the Westie screen print in Macy's Charter Club department while shopping in mid-December. Somehow, whenever there's a Westie printed, stitched or otherwise depicted on something in a store, I ALWAYS seem to find it.

Westie t-shirt makeover Westie t-shirt makeover

The first photo shows the t-shirt 'before' I embellished it. Doesn't it look plain? The little red bow already had the beads stitched on it when I bought it, but it needed something else to make it special.

Of course, I needed to wear this for Christmas, so it had to be spruced up a bit. The red loopy fringe was in my stash and I thought it was perfect to add to the front at the neckline and around the wrists. The 'after' photo is much more festive, don't you agree?

Westie t-shirt makeoverI pre-soaked the red trim to make sure the color would not bleed onto the t-shirt later.

To attach the fringe to the shirt, I applied 1/4" wide wash-away adhesive tape to the neckline, then carefully placed the trim. Using a long stitch and a stretch needle, I sewed slowly, following the stitching at the top of the trim.

Westie t-shirt makeover
Each sleeve was done in a similar fashion, but I turned them inside out while sewing. And stitched even slower because the fringe loops kept getting in the way!

If I change my mind, I can change the look by removing the trim easily enough.


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