Christmas 2011: Pretty Purple Capelet and Boston B Insulated Bottle Carriers

I didn't make too many Christmas gifts this year, and didn't have a chance to start working on them until a few days before Christmas Eve.

Pretty Purple Hooded CapeletThis Pretty Purple Capelet is a project that's been in progress for quite some time. The purple furry velboa has been in my collection for a couple of years, waiting for just the right project. 

I knew it would be made into something for my niece who loves purple, but I wasn't sure what until I found the pattern for McCall's 4703. I thought a pretty capelet to wear for dress up would be perfect.

It wasn't hard to find matching purple lining, but choosing the right button was a little challenging. It had to be fit for a princess and not fade into the purple fur.

Pretty Purple Hooded Capelet
When I found a faux crystal button that looks like a large diamond, I thought it was the perfect gem.!

Pretty Purple Hooded Capelet
I remembered to add one of my fabric labels to the inside self facing.

The capelet is a Girls' size 8, which is probably a little big, so hopefully she'll have few years to wear it! My photos show the capelet draped on my adult size dress form - I don't have a child size form.

We gave gift cards to all of our nieces and nephews this year and each one was 'wrapped' in either a gift card holder or ID wallet made earlier this year.

I made this special penguin gift card holder with a matching purple scarf to go with the capelet!

Believe it or not, two of my nephews still had not received insulated bottle carriers from me - until now. They each received one of these red carriers embroidered with a Boston "B". Also included for each one is a reusable water bottle, one red and one blue. The carriers are large enough to fit an Aquafina 1 liter bottle, too.

Boston B Insulated Bottle Carriers Boston B Insulated Bottle Carriers

ETA:  The Boston B machine embroidery design file is available from Infinite Stitches 8 (formerly Stitchmouse) on Etsy.

Dec-18-2018 Replace SewAmazin Flickr photo of penguin gift card with Google photo


  1. That capelet is adorable, I imagine your neice was very thrilled. Penguins are super cute, too.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully her mom will share some photos soon. :D


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